Full Time Positions

Qualcomm, Bangalore Design Center, India

From June 2020 to December 2020, I worked as a SRAM Memory Design Engineer at Qualcomm, India. I was involved in extensive design and analysis of SRAM memory IP building blocks. I also worked on enabling tiler support for some custom memories using Cadence Skill.


Qualcomm, Bangalore Design Center, India

In Summers of 2019 I was with the Memory Design Team at Qualcomm Bangalore where I worked on the detection of Electromigration prone structures from layouts and reviewed the read/write assist and current/voltage sense amplifier ciruits. I was offered pre-placement job opportunity based on my performance.

Pix Moving, Guiyang, China

In December 2018, I intered as an Car Electronics and Control Engineer at Pix Moving. I developed a CAN based system of braking, steering and accelerator unit on ARM microcontrollers. Hacked BAIC EV car’s ultrasonic system for parking assistance and assisted the team in debugging the pix Robo-vehicle motor driver units.

Fujita Lab, VDEC, The University of Tokyo, Japan

In Summers of 2018, I was VDEC intern with Prof. Masahiro Fujita, I worked on CAD tool development for partial logic synthesis using discrete valued DNN and And Inverted Graphs (AIGs). Moreover I implemented existing discrete DNN algorithm on tensorflow, along with QBF based architecture verification.

VLSI Summer School, AVLSI Lab, IIT Kharagpur, India

In Summers of 2017, I attended two months long VLSI Summer School by Prof. Mrigank Sharad. I worked on various design problems in analog and digital domains such as Opamp design, low noise amplifier for bio-medical front-end and RTL design with implementation in LTSPice, Cadence Virtuoso and XIlinx ISE.


Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India

I was teaching instructor for the following two courses at IIT Kharagpur. I was responsible for designing test materials, lab assignment and corresponding theory.

IEEE Robotics Winter Workshop IIT Kharagpur

I was one of the project heads and mentors during Decemeber 2016 from an IEEE certified robotics workshop at IIT Kharagpur. I mentored a group of 43 robotics enthusiasts from freshmen and sophomore year to build an Obstacle removing autonomous robot, worked on course content and evaluation metrics.

Student Organization


The group consists of a bunch of robotics enthusiasts working on the development of autonomous soccer-playing robots for participation in International Competitions like RoboCup and FIRA. Currently, I am the Student Advisor to the group with a focus on the Embedded Electronics team which is responsible for the design of FPGA based circuits involving communication with the base station and BLDC motor based control unit. During my third year, I led the team at Robocup 2017 at Nagoya, Japan (first Indian team at SSL Robocup).