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One beautiful day after reading A love letter to my website- DESK Magazine sent by my friend Bauva.Com.I decided to buy a domain and build my little corner of the internet; this blog is about my experience about my world and how I perceive it to be, I will start with writing about How I set up my website?, starting from hosting on GitHub pages and setting up my DNS record by buying for forever and ever.

Setting up Github Pages

Github subsidiary of Microsoft surprisingly gives you free private repositories and features for hosting repositories as webpages :wink:. Now, for hosting a website, you can build a webpage using CSS, HTML or you can use some of the available Jekyll templates and play around with them. You can look for some of them at Jekyll Themes, or this theme I used.

Buying Domain

Once you have your $<$git_username$>$ up and working next thing is buying your domain, nowhere be a little wise in picking up domain names as it will stay with you forever and ever. You can buy a domain at GoDaddy, BIGROCK, Google Domains and WiX. I chose GoDaddy because of its excellent documentation, features and Integration in various other things which are required, which I will be talking about later.

Linking domain to Github Pages

Now you have a domain, but you need to host it from somewhere some server (DNS), Since GoDaddy is widely used there tons of blogs on linking GoDaddy with Github Pages, I used this blog.

Setting up Mail Server

Setting up your little corner of the internet is incomplete without the email server, is my contact email forever and everZOHO provides free email hosting for Personal email serves up to 5 users, Integration is relatively simple, and GoDaddy is a plus.

I would strongly recommend you to create your website, start blogging sharing experiences and knowledge along with showcasing your skillset. Feel free to shoot me an email if you need more help on this. 

This website is based on A Github Pages template for academic sites. This was forked (then detached) by Stuart Geiger from the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme, which is © 2016 Michael Rose and released under the MIT License. 

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